Our calendar is set up to optimize your schedule and your listing client's schedule.
IF YOU DON'T A TIME SLOT THAT FITS YOUR SCHEDULE, SIMPLY CALL US AT (214) 641-1104.  We'll work to find a convenient time that suits your schedule and will get you taken care of.  Once your reservation is completed, you will receive email confirmation.

NEED TO RE-SCHEDULE??  Not a problem.  We understand that unavoidable circumstances pop up.  As a professional courtesy, please give us as much notification as possible.  No-shows result in a $25.00 trip charge.

Next, it's time to prepare the property:

  • Replace All Burned Out Light Bulbs.
  • Remove/Hide Clutter.
  • Remove/Hide Personal Items.
  • Remove All People and Pets.
  • Remove All Vehicles From Driveway.
  • Remove/Hide Trash Bins in Garage.
  • Turn On All Lights, Including Lamps.  (No Closets Necessary.)
  • Turn Off Ceiling Fans.

Please Be Prepared To Make Payment On The Day of Service.